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Web Design Rates

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  • Home Page: $200.00 Includes...
  • Coordinating the server set up and Internic registration for your domain name (see separate fees below).
  • Setting up FTP access
  • Basic site and file preparation
  • Search Engine and Directory Registration
  • CD disc archiving

  • Domain Name and ISP fees
  • IN ADDITION to the Anvil Graphics Home Page set up fee, you need to expect to pay for the Hosting Server (ISP) set up (typically $25.00 to $100.00) and possibly the first month of hosting service. These charges will be billed directly to you via the host server ISP and will require a credit card number.

    IN ADDITION to hosting, you will most likely purchase a URL Domain Name from Network Solutions or Internic. You domain name registration for 1 year will cost $35.00. If you opt to "reserve" a domain name through Network Solutions without actually having a server you will be charged extra. If you register your domain name under ".com and .org and .net (or others)" you will have to pay for each of them. These fees will require a credit card number so the charges can be billed directly to you.

  • Website Graphic Design ...$55.00 / hour
  • You should budget a minimum of $500.00 for designing a unique navigation system which incorporates your current company identity. It is not unusual to have this go to $800 or more after several proof and revision cycles. The whole site is based on this work, and it is worth getting set up right. We will charge at our basic hourly rate for multiple revisions at the clients request. You will have the opportunity to view and approve working drafts online
  • Create one or two master templates
  • Custom Icons, Buttons, Navigation Maps, Photography, preparing logos and client provided art, etc... $55.00 / hr

  • Additional pages:
  • When based on basic design of Home Page: our hourly fee of $55.00 to put the content into the templated page.
  • You can help us considerably by being well prepared at this stage. We will spend time with you to help plan the basic web site. If you like, you can prepare the copy for the site in advance and provide it to us in a usable form. Please talk with us in advance about formats (for example, things in tables are useless to us).
  • The more prep and planning on your part, the less expensive your site will be.

  • Complicated Scripting... $65.00 / hr minimum (or the going rate for outside assistance).
  • This includes most e-commerce solutions.
  • There are many scripts both free and for a license fee which can be used for special purposes, but it still takes time to set them up.

  • Flash (LiveMotion) Animation: $55.00 / hr.
  • Minimum charge $95.00 per full page.
  • Also known as Streaming Media

  • E-COMMERCE - We have been watching for e-commerce solutions which make sense and are affordable. We have identified several companies which we can partner with to allow clients to sell merchandise online without having to pay for the custom development of an e-commmerce back-end. Significantly, the solutions we can now recommmend are browser based, meaning that you can maintain the database side of your e-commerce web site from any browser. You will be able to add or delete products, change prices or product information, track items, get statistics, etc from a regular browser. Please let us explain how these newest solutions can benefit your business.

  • Miscellaneous:
  • Contact Forms: Minimum of 1 hour.
  • Photo placement: At our basic hourly fee.
  • We shoot photos at your business: $55 per hour plus digital camera fee of $13.00 per "roll" of 36.
  • There are zillions of royalty free and licensed photographs available for purchase through photo stock houses. Prices range from $20 to $500 +
  • Plain color background: N/C ....Custom tile background $30 (basically part of custom page layout)
  • Animated GIF: $20 plus design time.
  • We will list your site with 20 major directories. We can research listing directories within your industry and do the registrations for an additional $55.00 / hour.

  • Web site completion:
  • Face it, your web site will NEVER be finished. The internet is the perfect publishing environment in that it allows you to constantly update your information, add new stuff, delete old things, and change graphic content. We recognize two phases in most projects:
    • The Development Phase - Your site map is designed and approved, the navigation is proofed and put in place, templates are saved, pages added and linked, graphic and written content put in place, forms built, etc. The extent of this development phase will be spelled out in the contract and at some point the new site will be declared "finished". At this point your site will enter theā€¦
    • Maintenance Phase - this is the ongoing updates, revisions and general 'fixes' that will keep your site current. If you provide us content (text or photos) for a page in the development phase and we insert that into a templated page and upload it, and then you provide a newer updated version for the same page, then that page has entered the Maintenance Phase and you will be charged our basic hourly fee for the page revisions.

  • Maintaining your own web site:
  • We are often asked by clients about maintaining thier own web site after it is complete. I have several thoughts about this: First off, the software we use to create your web site is state-of-the-art and makes many changes and updates to your site easy. For example we can fix a broken link or update an email address very quickly, even in an entire site. Your site may contain images which require the source file and sophisticated software to edit. Second, it takes us a lot of time, money and energy to keep (mostly) current on changes in the internet and to add advancements such as cascading style sheets to your web site. Thirdly, the internet has surpassed the point where a "homemade" site is not all that different from a Fortune 500 site. An amateur site is easy to spot on the internet. I bring this up because after about 6 months of regular "maintenance" most sites will have lost their integrity. After another 3-6 months you may be purchasing your first major overhaul to bring the site up to its original look and functionality. We have invested a considerable amount of money in computer hardware and software and many hours in continuing education so that you do not have to. We would encourage our clients to concentrate on thier core businesses and let us support your web site efforts.

Challenges with Publishing Online

The Internet as a place for publishing is not perfect . Unlike printed material there are many things which are simply out of our control (for example Windows and Mac PCs display the same "web safe" colors differently and various browsers render text in differing sizes). We are designing the best site possible for the widest number of users. There will be variables in how text displays, how quickly pages download, how buttons display and function, etc, etc.

Some pages with streaming media such as Flash or Quicktime may require the user's browser to have a plug-in which a small minority of internet users still do not have installed. Also, pages containing streaming media may not print properly from some browsers.

Our goal is to design fourth generation web sites usable on all major computer platforms by the current popular internet browsers and at all monitor sizes. We design for users of version 4.x browsers or better. The majority of internet users are using the Windows platform running Internet Explorer 4.x or better on smaller monitors. When a decision to support a single browser must be made, we will favor the majority of users.

To learn more about the limitations of browser and plug-in technology we can direct you to several web sites with information on the subject.


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