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Site Design Tips

We are excited to be creating new generation web sites which are user friendly, fast to download, informative and attractive. We are using the latest software and a variety of techniques for great looking graphics and text. If you need streaming media like the flash format we can handle it. Anvil Graphics specializes in custom web design for completely unique sites, but we also offer several economy packages to help you get a web presence. Finally, if your company needs to market online we offer several scalable solutions. This allows you to get your products online by piggy-backing existing e-commerce packages while still keeping costs in check.

Challenges with Publishing Online

The Internet as a place for publishing is not perfect . Unlike printed material there are many things which are simply out of our control (for example Windows and Mac PCs display the same "Web safe" colors differently and various browsers render text in differing sizes). We are designing the best site possible for the widest number of users. There will be variables in how text displays, how quickly pages download, how buttons display and function, etc, etc.

Some pages with streaming media such as Flash or Quicktime may require the user's browser to have a plug-in which a small minority of Internet users still do not have installed. Also, pages containing streaming media may not print properly from some browsers.

Our goal is to design fourth generation Web sites usable on all major computer platforms by the current popular Internet browsers and at all monitor sizes. We design for users of version 4.x browsers or better. The majority of Internet users are using the Windows platform running Internet Explorer 4.x or better on smaller monitors. When a decision to support a single browser must be made, we will favor the majority of users.

To learn more about the limitations of browser and plug-in technology we can direct you to several Web sites with information on the subject.

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