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Why Buy from Qwest®?

Nationally, we have found that Qwest® has about the biggest advertising campaign for web site hosting, Internet dial-up service, and web design – right behind America Online, of course. We have also found that when it comes to custom web sites and personalized service, Qwest® is way behind what Anvil Graphics can offer. Now, Anvil Graphics is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and we contract web hosting to the host provider which best fits your individual needs, but we work closely with you to build a unique web site. Lets compare services, shall we?

Anvil Qwest ®
Ongoing personal service •••••• -
• Photography at your place •••••• -
• Online Forms •••••• -
• Online Site Statistics •••••• -
• Long waits on tech support - ••••••
• ISP & DSL Service - ••••••
• Custom E-Commerce •••••• -
• Online Scripts •••••• -
• Easy FTP updates •••••• -
Site Troubleshooting •••••• -
• Real Streaming Media •••••• -
• Personalized Solutions •••••• -
• Cost Effective •••••• -
• Real Domain Name •••••• ••••••
• Free Domain Email Addresses •••••• -
• Pre-designed templates - ••••••

What we recommend …

Internet Service Provider

You can have a mix of service based on your individual needs. We recommend that you chose and use the fastest affordable ISP service you can find. We like @Home® cable service for the fast speeds and reliable email, but have heard many good things about Qwest® DSL high-speed service. If you are not in the right areas for these services, just choose a reliable service as fast as you can get. Cost: $17.00 to $45.00/month.

Site Hosting

Next, you need to host your site on a remote server. You must choose your host based on your needs and your future needs. We attempt to implement scalable solutions which will be effective in the future. We will help you shop your site hosting based on the service you need to offer. At a minimum, you need site statistics so you can track activity on your site and you need basic mail scripts such as or Mailto.exe so you can have simple interactive forms (neither service available on Qwest® servers). Cost: $20.00 to $50.00+.

Web Site Design

Anvil Graphics offers creative design solutions based on your unique needs. We will consult with you and work together to find the right online image for your company or organization. We do not use templates or site elements from a stock disc. We start from the ground up so you can have a completely unique web site. Contact us today to start the process of getting an online presense to help your overall marketing needs. Cost: Quality saves money!

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