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Stock Photography

Great photography can make or break your project. We offer commercial photo services at your business (or other locations), but often it is more appropriate to purchase Stock Photography from the millions of pictures available. In a nutshell, stock photos fall into three categories.

Higher quality pictures are available as "Royalty-Free" images either off the internet (from commercial sales sites) or on collections on disc. Royalty-free is less expensive, offers zillions of choices, are available by theme, but also offer you no exclusivity to the image. A common misconception is that you own royalty-free pictures when you buy the disc. In reality you are only licensing the use of the image for the broadest possibility of uses. The image is still copyrighted, and usually can not be used for resale items, such as on a calendar or greeting card. They are suitable for promotional and editorial use. Royalty-free pictures are available in a wide variety of file sizes from 40 KB to 50 MB. They range in price from $20.00 per image to $500 for 75 images on a disc, it all depends on the source, the photographer, the exclusivity, and subject matter.

Traditional Stock Photography typically means it is owned and licensed by a stock photo house. The advantage is that the image is licensed specifically to your company for your usage. The stock house organizes photos by conceptual themes and they will help find just the right image. The photos are very high quality, often on 4 x 5 transperancies. Pictures delivered on transparency need to be scanned using a commercial service, an added expense of $50 to $100 per image. The photo are licensed for a time, for a specific use in specific quantities - and you can expect prices beginning at $200 per image.

Anvil Graphics charges our basic rate of $55.00 per hour when searching the internet for stock photography. We have fast cable modems which help greatly. We can proof image with you prior to any purchases.

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