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There are notes at the bottom of each page. Please let us know if one of these designs works for you.

This page is available for the convenience of our clients to view work in progress.
Projects shown here are unfinished and are now going through our proofing process .
All print work is subject to our proofing policies , please review if not familiar.

Colorado Corn - page sample - Please read below.

3/21, 5 p.m. - We have updated this further, so you can see most of the backgrounds for the main areas. The background on the "Contact" page, for instance, would remain consistent throughout the related "membership info", "staff" and "contact info" pages.

You can follow the main buttons on the right, or the links at the bottom - most of them are active now.

We spoke with Sarah again today and she continues to work on the text. She will begin e-mailing it to us on Thursday. We are in a great position to move forward with the site as soon as we have your approval.

Let me know what you think. Craig

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