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Our Proofing Process

Proofing Your Print Job

Checking the Specs

One of the first things we do is talk with our printers about your job with the goal of knowing which shop is best qualified to handle your printing. We listen to the feedback from the printers in hopes of identifying any problems before they ever arise. If they recommend against a particular idea, we will follow their advice and find some other solution.

Proofing Drafts

During the design process you will normally have several opportunities to review the progress of your printed work. Proofs may be posted here at our web site, or given to you on paper, or sent to you as PDF files, depending on the size and complexity of the project, and your location. During this process you are invited to make comments and help direct the work in progress. You may be required to proof and approve different aspects of the same project as the componants become available. For example, we recently did a large scientific poster. It had one area which included a detailed flow chart. Our client reviewed that piece of project separately and earlier than the rest. To see several examples of online proofing, please see our Proofing Process Samples page.

Final Proofing

Once we have completed the final design and are ready to go to print you will be presented with one of several possible proofs. A black and white laser print with color card samples may be enough for a simple letterhead. Two color brochures may be presented to you as a "blueline" proof. For many color projects the printer will provide "Matchprint" or "Rainbow" proofs, which are made from the actual film. Increasingly, printers provide very high resolution inkjet proofs, which is a great solution when skipping film and going directly to plate. Printing Glossary .

Signing Your Proofs

You must sign and approve the prints when presented, or stop the work and have something redone. Please keep in mind that making changes at this point is very expensive. On top of designer fees, you will have to pay the print shop for another proof. Anvil Graphics does not allow contract printers to make adjustments to our files beyond the most simple fixes. After changes are made you will once again be asked to proof and approve your print job. We will not print any project without a signed final approval - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Paying Your Deposit

Upon approval, Anvil Graphics requires a minimum 50% deposit to begin printing. Once the deposit is paid and your signature in place, the responsibility of the final color output is that of the commercial printers. They will use your signed proof to compare with the pieces that come off the press, and make any necessary adjustments during printing. Anvil Graphics will not accept a job from the printer which we feel is significantly different from the printer proof. You will be asked to give your opinion on a sample from the print run. Reprints are expensive for the printer and time consuming for everyone.

Press Checks

Press checks may be required on complex projects involving duotones, spot colors, specialty papers or where color fidelity is crucial to the outcome of the job. In general, a press check is not needed because we rely on the proofing process and the integrity of our printers. Press checks can also be very costly and time consuming to the client - an expense which must be included in the final invoice. We will accompany the client to the press check, and bill for our expenses accordingly, including time and a half after 9:00 pm. Printers also charge extra for press checks.

Reviewing Your Final Project

The world of printing is full of many variables and subtleties. We deal only with reputable and highly qualified commmercial printers (so you don't have to). You need to have a reasonable expectation of how your job will reproduce, and this whole proofing process is designed so we can all be comfortable with the outcome. In any case, you will not be allowed to refuse the job based on CONTENT or PHOTOS or TEXT. That is why you signed the final proof, to approve those things. We will hold the printer responsible for obvious print related defects, but slight variation in color is usually not a defect, just part of the printing process.

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