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Color Printing

Offset Lithographic Printing

This is traditional printing at its best. When somebody talks about four color, spot colors, duotones, varnishes and the like, they are referring to offset printing. This method is still the dominant way of putting an image on paper. There have been many new developments in the process, but the basics are the same. Recently Anvil Graphics has done more with direct to plate printing, which saves time and money by skipping the film stage. Projects done this way are proofed using high resolution inkjet prints instead of "matchprints".

What can you print?

Just about every printed piece in your home or office is printed on an offset press. You can make business cards, brochures, greeting cards, annual reports, flyers and sales sheets, calendars, booklets and manuals, boxes, menus, mail pieces, etc, etc, etc.

These printed pieces can be coated, bound, folded, trimmed, collated, die-cut, boxed and shipped anywhere.

Comparison of Digital to Offset Printing

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