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Color Printing

Digital Short Run Printing

If you are looking for great color, small quantities, nice papers and quicker turn-around times, then digital printing might be just right. It is ideal for menus, business or personal postcards, greeting cards, small posters, prototyping print work, or economically printing other unique items. What's best is that the same files that print here can be easily moved to an offset printer for larger quantities. We have several great presses to choose from, but the IBM Infocolor 70® has the best results for most applications. Digitally printed items can be trimmed and folded like any other printed item, they can also be laminated. Two sided (4/4) printing is economical because digital presses print both sides simultaneously. Also, the proof from the digital printer is from the actual press, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Variable Data Printing

Did we mention that digital printing allows you to customize your printed piece with interchangable photographs or text? We can put together a special invitation which invites your best customers by name to your next event. Variable data printing lets you give your clients the personal touch.

Comparison of Digital to Offset Printing

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