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Anvil Graphics
4722 W. 6th St. Rd.
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Our Billing Policies

Basic Hourly Rate ... $55.00 / hour

We now accept Mastercard and Visa

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• We are primarily a graphic art and design studio specializing in portable modular displays, print media preparation, web site development and multimedia presentations. We do only custom design work specifically for your company at your request.

Anvil Graphics will apply the Standard Terms and Conditions for Designer/Client Relationships as established by the American Institute of Graphics Arts in the resolution of any dispute. A copy of their standard is available as a PDF download.

• We provide written detailed estimates on projects over $300.00 only. Otherwise, your estimate will be the simple agreement that is signed to begin your project.

• We will prepare an invoice for you at the completion of your project showing the actual hours logged and any related expenses and applicable taxes; however when a project entails multiple significant components, we reserve the right to invoice each piece upon completion.

• We charge fairly using a computer based time card which tracks hours spent (less distracted time) and adds in all related third-party expenses. We will print your project time card upon request.

• You will be charged our basic hourly rate for changes and revisions at your request. You will be charged our basic rate for all experimental work, prototypes, sketches, rough drafts, trouble shooting web site difficulties, etc.

• If we are more than 15% over our written DESIGN time estimate, we will charge additional hours (above the 15%) at the rate of $22.00/ hour to complete your project successfully. This does not apply to changes or time over-runs at your request. Obviously, it is to our advantage to keep your project on track and on budget.

• Changes in the scope of your project may change the price, printer, delivery time, incidental charges, etc. Additions to your original project may be quoted and invoiced separately and are not subject to the delivery schedule of the first project.

• On large print or all web site projects we reserve the right to have an incremental payment schedule on DESIGN TIME, including a deposit to start of 1/3 the estimated hours, 1/3 at time of proofing (or some other measurable point) and the final third at time of delivery.

• A 50% deposit will be required on all trade show displays.

• You will be charged for incidental expenses such as Fed Ex or hand couriers.

• Expenses such as photography or other third-party company services which have an expense over $250.00 may be invoiced at time of purchase and due on a NET 10 basis. You will be charged a “digital camera fee” on any photoshoot by Anvil Graphics.

• We will require a 50% deposit on the estimated cost of your PRINTING at the time of the final approval to print. (See proofing notice for more info). All print jobs require a signed proof approval before they can be sent for printing of any kind.

• You will be charged in accordance with what the printers or other third party providers charge us... even if it is over budget and over estimate. We will do our best to keep surprises to a minimum by communicating early with you and working closely with any other service providers. We do not allow other service providers to do major work on our projects at their typically much higher shop rates.

• It is common trade custom in the printing industry to allow overs or unders of (+/-) 10%. Many projects will be charged per piece, so if the printer delivers +10% on an order you may be invoiced for the additional pieces. This would most likely apply to boxes, folders, booklets, and similar projects. Likewise, the printer may deliver slightly less than you expected.

• Anvil Graphics will retain ownership of all tangible materials we create in the course of designing for your print, Internet or Multimedia project. Clients will be entitled to limited and specific usage rights for the purpose of reproduction on posting on the Internet.

• Cancellation: In the event of the cancellation of any project, a cancellation fee will be paid by the Client equal to the hours expended up to the notice of cancellation, plus any actual expenses incurred or in progress. Any client deposit paid will be applied to the total. Anvil Graphics will refund excess monies as appropriate.

• Clients must accept delivery and pay our invoice on any finished print job for which they have paid a deposit and signed the final printers proof or Anvil Graphics print proof approval. To expedite work, proofing may take the form of faxable drafts, actual samples or email message from work viewed on our web site.

• Anvil Graphics uses modern computer hardware and up-to-date software. We do regular preventative maintenance on all our systems. That said, we will not be responsible for missed deadlines or lost files due to catastrophic system failures, power outages, fire, theft of our equipment, etc. In the unlikely event of any of this happening, we will attempt to outsource your project to see a successful and timely completion. Likewise, we will not be held responsible for similar incidents by third-party providers such as print companies or internet service providers. We
archive all projects to ZIP discs and/or CD’s.

• Finally... we are not a bank or loan company. We strongly feel the health and vitality of our economy is a direct result of every business living up to their financial responsibilities to one another in a timely fashion. You will be given an invoice for all expenses incurred on your project. Full payment is required at time of delivery, or on a NET 10 basis with prior agreement. We cannot tolerate delinquent accounts and after 20 days of non-payment your business will be billed monthly with a $15.00 service charge or at an annual percentage rate of 18%, whichever is greater.
In addition, we will take active measures to collect the amount owed through appropriate legal channels. For your convenience, we accept payment by either Visa or MasterCard.

Effective January 28, 2000