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Photography Rates

• Anvil charges our basic rate of $55.00 per hour for photographic services when we take the pictures at our location or yours.

• For digital photos we charge $13.00 per 36 pictures for a 'digital camera fee' for use of our Nikon.

• Expenses for travel, film or developing services, scanning, postage and other related expenses will be charged to the client and itemized on an invoice. Anvil Graphics charges a small handling fee on outside services, particularly were extra coordinating is involved.

• Our Economy Web Design packages include set photo prices. These prices are for digital photography at your business and do not include any allowance for film, scanning, etc.

• If we outsource a different photographer for all or part of your project you will be invoiced at their actual expenses, plus a small handling charge by Anvil Graphics.

• Traditional licensed stock photography will be charged to you at actual price, plus 10% handling fee. IN ADDITION, we will charge our basic rate of $55.00 per hour for any internet searching, photo retouching. Photos received as transperancies or slides will require scanning at additional expense.

• Royalty-free images purchased from internet vendors will be transferred to you at cost plus 10%, or $20.00 per image, which ever is more. We will charge our basic rate of $55.00 per hour for internet image searches, retouching and archiving. If your project requires we purchase an entire disc of image, we will discuss this with you. Depending on the subject matter, you may be asked to purchase the entire disc at full price, plus 10% handling. If this is the case, you will be given the disc at the end of the project.

• Anvil Graphics will not work on any project or images of a pornographic nature. We also will not work on projects where we feel you or your company are infringing on copyright laws or fair use agreements.

• Anvil Graphics retains ownership and the copyright of any photos we take. The pictures are being licensed to you for the current project for which they are taken. If you desire to use the same images for other projects, we reserve the right to charge a licensing fee for additional use. Our copyright must be written in conjuction with the use of the pictures. Pictures we take may not be resold or distributed in any form other than for the contracted project, except with our written permmission.

Similarly, photographers hired by Anvil Graphics retain the rights to their images and must be credited and compensated for the initial usage and any subsequent use.

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