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The Ambassador system is a frameless folding panel system with crimped hinges. This unit features your choice of fabric colors by Frontrunner on reversible panels. This display is ideal for the budget minded and comes standard as a 3, 4, 5 or 6 panel system, which are stackable using tabs, and have standard heights of 14", 39" or 46". Ambassador systems may be as small as 75" wide by 92" high or as large as a standard 10' wide by 106' high backwall display. These systems are lightweight, easy to set-up and accommodate important accessories such at backlit headers, lights, shelves, curved endcaps and custom graphic panels. For transport and storage a heavy corrogated box, nylon carrying bag or molded cases with wheels are recommended. Pictures

The Legend is a more robust frameless panel system featuring a durable internal frame and true flexible hinges. Legend has sturdy honeycomb Tricel construction with liner and aluminum pins. Your choice of fabric colors from either Frontrunner or Prelude finish the display. This lightweight framework and durable hinge system make the Legend a great choice for backwall configurations or smaller island exhibits. Panels are available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 panel widths in 14", 39" or 46" heights. These systems can grow and reconfigure as your needs change. Available accessories include: custom counters, slatwall panels, backlit headers, backlit graphic panels, shelving, curved endcaps, custom color inlay, bridges and towers. Molded packing cases are recommended to protect your booth in transit and storage. No tools required! Pictures

At last! A truly modular pop-up display. The Convertible features Frontrunner or Prelude fabrics on a tough expandable frame. These units come as curved walls 28" wide or as straight walls 30" wide. Curved and straight sections are in the following heights: 36", 61", 92", 121". These modular units give you the opportunity to create a unique exhibit as a backwall or island configuration. Accessories include backlit headers, shelving, counters, lighting, bridges, and several endcap options. Laarhoven has designed a molded plastic case perfect for your Convertible and accessories. No tools required! Pictures

The Elite system is Laarhovens unique solution to high-quality custom displays with all the advantages of a modular panel system. The frameless units are constructed using panels with integrated aluminum edges and our special color-coded pins for easy tool-free assembly. These units are scalable and reconfigurable to meet the most demanding and changing needs. We have three standard fabrics - Frontrunner, Prelude and Ozite Elevations. Elite can also be finished with laminates from Pionite, Laminart, Formica, Wilsonart or Nevamar. Accessories are completely customizable and include backit headers, lighted bridges, curved plexi light panels, integrated corners, towers, slatwall panels, shelves, custom counter, monitor cut-outs, backlit graphics. The Elite is designed to fit in our wheeled molded cases or in jumbo cases. No tools required! Pictures

Nomadic Display makes high quality pop-up displays featuring their patented self-locking frame. Outside covers include Frontrunner or Prelude fabrics or graphic panels. Nomadic accessories include molded cases, lighting, backlit headers, endcaps, shelving and counters. Pop-ups are ideal for lightweight traveling and convenient setup of a full backwall display. No tools required!

Backwall Recommendations

The Backwall (or inline) Exhibit is by far the most common size of display unit. They are common at all types of shows, conferences and events and are flexible enough to accommodate almost any client need. Modern booths such as the Legend, Elite, Convertible or Nomadic are configurable in a wide variety of footprints. They all allow the use of bridges, counters and shelves. With the use of dramatic lighting techniques and good design, backwall displays can be powerful platforms on which to present your companies' products and services. A smaller 10' x 10' booth will allow you to have 2 to 3 major objectives for the exhibit. A larger 10' x 20' display allows you the space (and the staff) to accomplish even more goals. Strategic planning is the key to having any successful display.

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